Special Fall Project: Stock the Staff Restrooms

A big THANK YOU to all the families who donated items for the staff bathroom baskets this fall. They have been very well-received and the staff is truly appreciative!

Let's try to keep the baskets stocked throughout the year. Just little things to help them get through the day! We've all been there -- whether we've needed a quick floss, a spritz of hairspray, feminine product or a spot remover stick. Our staff works hard for our students -- let's help them with those minor convenience items to make their day a little easier!

Please drop donations off in the PTA mailbox at any time. Below is a list of suggestions (trial/travel size or full-size products are fine). If many families donate just a little, we'll end up with quite a lot! Thank you for your consideration.

- Floss or floss picks
- Mouthwash
- Small paper cups
- Hand lotion
- Hand sanitizer
- Aerosol deodorant
- Hair spray
- Static guard spray
- Lint roller
- Laundry spot remover stick
- Air freshener
- Feminine products
- Nail file/emery board
- Contact lens solution
- Throat lozenges/cough drops
- Peppermints

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