About PTA

By joining Dowell Elementary PTA, not only are you supporting vital programs at our school, but you are also telling your local, state, and federal lawmakers that

Our Children Are Important!

When you purchase a $6 membership to Dowell Elementary PTA:

$2.25 goes to National PTA, who has been instrumental in working with the United States Congress for more than 100 years to implement programs, such as:

  • Juvenile Justice System
  • Vaccinations program
  • School lunch programs
  • Keeping arts in the schools

$1.50 goes to Georgia PTA, who works with the Georgia Legislature to implement programs, such as:

  • Keeping food purchases tax free
  • Adequately fundingĀ Georgia’sĀ public schools
  • Increasing Georgia’s graduation rates
  • Employing a full time nurse at every school
  • Using multiple methods to measure student success instead of relying solely on standardized tests

$2.25 stays at Dowell Elementary to purchase needed supplies, such as:

  • Homework agendas for every student
  • Sporting equipment for the P.E. Department
  • Software for the Computer Lab
  • Books and equipment for the Media Center
  • Supplies for the Art Room
  • Instruments for the Music Class

Show your dedication to improving education by joining Dowell Elementary PTA today!